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A large rock or boulder on a grass field stock photo with image ID: fdfb53dd-7b24-4ded-b9a8-14cb89bd6ea5

A large rock or boulder on a grass field.

Stock Photo with Image ID: fdfb53dd-7b24-4ded-b9a8-14cb89bd6ea5


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Ibby Photography

Member Since 10 Mar, 2023

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Image Details

Image type :
Date uploaded :
10 Mar, 2023
Uncompressed file size :
23 Mb
Compressed file size :
7 Mb
Dimensions :
3504 x 2336 px
Horizontal resolution :
240 DPI
Vertical resolution :
240 DPI
Recognizable people:
Model release:
Model releases on file:
Recognizable property :
Property release :
Property releases on file:

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